Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Culture: War or Peace? Cost of war "It takes a toll on the mind"

"When someone goes to war & sees & experiences unimaginable horrors; it takes a toll on the mind."~Barbara VanDahlen of

The "yellow ribbon" has become a symbol of hope for families of men & women who serve in theatres of war. This video montage offers a reminder, a living memory of one such family's undying hope. The black flag of mourning speaks more than any words ever heard as to their ultimate sacrifice.

This video is dedicated to service people, civilians of war lost and gone; lost and living. This video is dedicated to loved ones, families, friends of those lost and gone, lost and living; innocents who are trapped in theatres of war; innocent generations yet unborn; today's young generations who carry the grief, anguish, moral wounds of war.

For veterans: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) (1English; 2Spanish)
Wounded Soldier & Family Hotline: 1-800-833-6622 1-800-342-9647
Eric Shinseki on Suicide Prevention in Military:

Please share by message, any other organization links available to help those returning from the ravages of war and their families & friends; those living in war zones. New organization links will be included as they arrive after vetting. Mahalo!

E Ho'omaluhia me ka Honua! May Peace Prevail on Earth!
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